When I was born.

This journey began long time ago, when our mothers still carried us in their tummies… We're Eveline and Caroline and we have known each other literally our whole lives. As you probably already guessed, we are new mommies and our two baby daughters, Anika and Abigail, helped us to start this business. You have probably heard people say that babies inspire you to start something new in your life? We actually believe this theory to be true. J

Like our mothers, we were friends since our childhood, however certain life circumstances forced us to put our friendship on hold. Luckily our two amazing daughters have brought us back together ressurecting our friendship back to life and strenghtening the bond we aleady had. A lot has changed since we were little, however the most amazing change happened to us almost at the same time – we had our girls. Like any mother would confirm - no one understands you better than other mother. This was exactly our experience! Motherhood has made us closer than ever.

Since we had our baby girls, our main conversation topics revolve around diapers, strollers and lack of sleep... We admit that soon after the birth, looking and sounding like a crazy person turns into some sort of routine, because sometimes one just can’t find time to even brush your hair! Mothers, I bet you know exactly what we're talking about J)) But it gets easier. Therefore by the time our girls have grown a bit, we decided to dive together into business.

It was scary at first, but luckily we have and fully support each other. We feel that our personalities blend in very well together and therefore our partnership works. We have learned a lot of new things and we are ready to say that we are proud of our product.

We offer personalized baby metrics and fun creative posters for your baby’s nursery. It’s an awesome way to decorate your baby’s room and also an amazing memory of the most important day on which your baby came to this world. You can pick any metric  from our selection or together we can create your baby’s customized metric. Contact us any time! You can reach us on our website (www.kaiasmazasbuvau.lt), our facebook or Instagram.