When I was born.

This journey began long time ago, when our mothers still carried us in their tummies… We're Eveline and Caroline and we have known each other literally our whole lives. As you probably already guessed, we are new mommies and our two baby daughters, Anika and Abigail, helped us to start this business. You have probably heard people say that babies inspire you to start something new in your life? We actually believe this theory to be true.

We offer personalized items for any occasion like baptism, birthdays, baby shower and etc. We specialize in personalized memory boxes, growth charts, silicone baby teethers, velour photo albums, posters, plush toys, blankets and much more. We are very proud to say that almost everything we sell we create ourselves in our workshop and you can get unique items that will melt any parents heart.  Contact us any time! You can reach us on our website (www.kaiasmazasbuvau.lt) and Facebook or Instagram accounts.